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Fishing Life v0.0.185 MOD (Unlimited Gold Coins) APK

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Descriptions :Fishing and Life (Unlimited Coins) – calm and relaxing arcade on fishing themes. The plot of the game is e

Descriptions :

Fishing and Life (Unlimited Coins) – calm and relaxing arcade on fishing themes. The plot of the game is extremely simple, the son comes to his father and, in memory of the old times, goes fishing, while at his disposal only a frail little boat and a simple fishing rod. In this gameplay combines stylish polygonal graphics, quiet music, simple management and the ability to catch a record catch. A huge assortment of fish will allow you to catch from small minnows to the impressive size of sharks and tuna. In this case, the developers allowed you to choose the style of the Fishing Life mod apk, try to set a fishing record, or simply enjoy the beauty of the sea or the sunset.


This is an arcade fishing simulation game genre produced and developed by Nexelon inc. This game allows you to use it completely free and allows players to play both online and offline. You will be played as a depressed young man with the bustling current life in the bustling city and want to find somewhere to relax. Then he remembers peaceful moments when he was a kid with his father going fishing. In the end, after so many decisions, he chose to return to his hometown and wanted to revisit his memories of his fishing sessions to relax and find his own hobby. With just a fishing rod and a small boat, though a bit old, you can ultimately have an enjoyable experience, enjoy the most peaceful moments, in addition to fishing, you can watch beautiful sceneries, listening to the wind blowing, the birds singing, all make for a wonderful scene in the countryside.


This game allows you to play on many mobile device platforms, and do not worry if your device has a low configuration; you can also wholly download and play very well. This is a game that is linked to advertising, so if you do not want to be disturbed, it is best to turn off the network or devices connected to the network so as not to be interrupted during the game. You will need to fish much fish with a survival game to get money to upgrade furniture such as fishing rods, boats, fishing rods, hooks … Moreover, the game is also suitable for many statues from kids to adults because this game has intense gameplay. The game is getting more and more updated with new features, upgrading more items for fishing, and cutting ads for players to have more experience. Besides, a helpful feature that players love is the game also supports Vietnamese players.


With gorgeous but straightforward graphics, many vivid 2D images, Fishing Life gives players the feeling of comfort and lightness when playing. With the beautiful scenery depicted in every detail, the image of each fish swimming in the water, the old boat to the bright moonlight in the night sky creates a pleasant atmosphere and captures the player’s eye. The colors in the game are also very gently coordinated to suit the landscape, so the countryside is peaceful when the water surface is blue. The sky is also clear when the sky changes color at sunset. The water also shines more. Sound is also a particular factor in making the game more interesting. The sound of birds singing, fish-catching prey or wiggling in the water, the sound of rattling waves … all create a poetic, authentic village scene and a pleasant feeling when fishing.


It can be said that this is a straightforward game. Your task is to buy bait and then click on the words “toss” to fish. Every time you throw a sentence, you should keep it for a long time so that you can fly away and sink deep into the water to help you catch more fish. Once the fish has caught the fish, you should use your hand to press the screen to pull the fish up. If you are fishing small fish, extrude it as bait to catch larger ones to save money. Besides, the player can also move their boat far away to places where lots of fish can catch them. When you catch a lot of fish, you can sell it to upgrade new fishing gear, more expensive boats. Or you can keep them to keep them by dropping them in a feeding tank, which will then regain the gold. You can also collect more mysterious chests along the way, and after opening them, you will see a lot of gold in them. In short, this is a perfect game for everyone to experience. Download the game and relax together on a small boat with a fishing rod and around with a multitude of different types of fish and temporarily put aside the worries of life. You will enjoy the relaxing moments of rural life.

Features :

Simple and intuitive touch controls

First of all, Android players have access to the simple control settings in Fishing Life. Here you can simply guide your boat through the water, cast the bait wherever you like and easily hook some amazing fish throughout your journey with one-touch controls. With visible underwater views, you can easily select the right spot to fish, angle hook direction and adjust power, then cast your bait where you want it. It takes a simple touch to collect your fish.

Immerse yourself in relaxing and soothing environments

And at the same time, for those of you who are interested, you will also be introduced to the game’s tranquil and relaxing environments. Here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets and breathtaking night scenes where the moonlight disappears into the sea. In addition, your heart will find its eternal rest with soothing and relaxing sounds of the waves.

A variety of different species to fish

As you immerse yourself in your own fishing journey, players in Fishing Life will also delight in the amazing variety of fish that appear in the game. Here fishermen have a chance to catch some of the most amazing species with different features and characteristics. Some can be quite small and harmless, while the other big fish can cause you serious trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And the further you progress in the game, the more different species you will have available to fish with. You will find yourself encountering some of the most bizarre and strange creatures that you have never seen before. Fish from the smallest fish to the incredible sharks or prehistoric creatures. With each species collected you also have access to a detailed explanation of their habitats and characteristics, which is very interesting for fish lovers.

Keep your fish in your own aquarium or sell them

While fishing your fish you can keep them in your aquarium or sell them for money. That means you’re free to collect the rarest and most beautiful creatures you can have in your tank. And just looking at them makes you feel a lot more relaxed and at ease. Besides, it is also possible for you to make certain decorations on your aquarium that would make the tank much more interesting and inviting.

Multiple upgrades to pick up

To make things more interesting, when you sell your fish and other aquatic creatures for money, you can then use the money you earn to make several upgrades and in-game purchases.

Items – Start by choosing fishing items and equipment that will help you improve the game. This could be a better rod that can handle the tougher task or the smart lure that automatically overlooks small fish. Increase your chances of catching the right fish with certain upgrades. Make your net bigger so you can collect more fish at the same time. The list goes on.
Boat – And in order for our character to reach the harder waters where you can get more fish, in Fishing Life it is also possible for players to acquire new boats with better designs and functions. Here you have access to a variety of different price and size options. Better boats increase your overall chances of catching a good catch.
Characters – As you progress through the game, Android players in Fishing Life can also collect new characters and improve your fishing experience. Here you can fish with your beginner angler, the more advanced amateur angler, professional angler and even the legendary angler. Each new character would increase your chances of catching a good catch and bring you better money when selling your fish. So make sure you can collect them all.

Enjoy the game in your preferred languages

And to make the game even more interesting, Fishing Life players are also allowed to enjoy its exciting gameplay in their own preferred language. However, apart from English, you are able to play your fishing journey in Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and many more languages.

Fishing and Life MOD features:

Unlimited Money: You can buy and upgrade even if you have negative money. Your money will not be cut.

Last words

It can be said that Fishing and Life is true “medicine” for the soul. When the heart breaks with worry, the pressures of life are inherently difficult. Experience the game, we can see the joy of fishing – elegant fun from the dawn of mankind. So when you are feeling desperate and depressed, fishing can temporarily help you forget about the troubles in your life. Don’t worry! Everything will be fine. Let Fishing and Life download and relax now.

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